Scope of application
Apply for metal surface coating of black board, green board, white board, tin printing, household appliances, decorative panels, etc.
WaterFine Metallic Baking Paint
Applicable to membrane, car chassis, compressors, computer cases, toys and other metal products surface coating, etc.
WaterFine Glass/Ceramics/Metal Plating Paint
Applicable to plated surface coating of copper, aluminum alloy, glass, ceramics, etc. and surface coating of wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, stone, plastic body forms, glasswork, etc.
WaterFine Heat-resisting Paint
Applicable to primer and topcoat painting for glasswork, metal products, and nonstick pan coating.
WaterFine Metallic Rust/Corrosion Resistant and Heavy-duty Anticorrosive Paint
Applicable to high standard rust and corrosion resistance to steel surfaces storage tanks, vehicles, vessels, containers, metal bridges, steel structural parts, etc.
  ZhuHai Lizhou Paint Chemical Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of green water-based high-tech industrial paint business.
The technical improvement world, the Lizhou people receive the specialized technical research and development and the innovation all along, devotes in the energy conservation, the environmental protection, benefits of community responsibility the humanity. The Lizhou sign serial products through with the international apex chemical industry enterprise's technical collaboration, has guaranteed the Lizhou sign environmental protection river character industry paint quality in the domestic leading position. The product quality in 2007 examines strictly through the country product quality safe authentication and the international authoritative organization, the product conforms to Europe, the beautiful standard, receives the domestic and foreign users the high praise and chemical industry experts' agreeing. The Liuzhou sign product with the running water substitution organic solvent, causes the product mix to become green, the security, the environmental protection coating in the true sense, is the traditional process paint ideal substitution product. But widely applies in the ships, the automobile, ...
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